Churi & Sotuu

Give Us A Digital Photograph And We Will Paint It Into A Beautiful Artwork!

We’re an unusual couple from India – An engineer who paints and a CA who writes! Together we’re the team behind ChuriPuri.

When the subjects in my course did not provide me with a concrete purpose to work hard, I found my inspiration in digital paintings and started recreating the heroes I admire on a canvas. Soon I realised that sweet words are as important as beautiful artworks and fortunately my wonderful companion Divya turned up to fill the void.

We use our art to portray our imagination and paint the legends we admire. We also create custom artworks for the ones who would love to have it made for someone special or who would love our artworks adorn the walls of their homes and workplaces.

It is our dream to spend our lives doing something we love and it would be insanely awesome to have you join our journey of adding some more art to this beautiful world.

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